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The DOWN BLANKET (1/4 Dog) The Lightest Down Coverlet!
The DOWN SHEET, 1/2 Dog (60-80 Degrees F.)
The ALPINE, 1 Dog (60-75 Degrees F.)
The COLUMBIA, 1 Dog & 1 Puppy (55-75 Degrees F.)
The BEACHCOMBER, 1 Dog, (55 - 75 Degrees F)
The SUNDOWNER, 2 Dogs (45 - 75 Degrees F.)
The MONTANA SAPPHIRE, 2 Dogs (40 - 68 Degrees F)
The GOING TO THE SUN, 3 Dog (15 - 65 Degree F)
The HOMESTEADER, 3 Dogs (0 - 65 Degrees F.)
MR BIG Our Custom Built Oversized Comforter
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Primaloft Synthetic Comforters
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          The COLUMBIA, 1 Dog & 1 Puppy (55-75 Degrees F.)

 There is no doubting the all-American quality of this comforter filled with genuine 

625 Fill Power goose down. Most comforters at the big expensive stores use

lower grade down, and try to sell you on the supposedly “luxury” shell. We use the

 better down because that is what keeps you warm folks, and it looks better

 and loftier on your bed!

The old fashioned box stitch is one we love for the ease of care-no down shifting here!

The Columbia was named for the wonderful Columbia Gardens in Butte, Montana.

Bob loves the city of Butte for their endless supply of gutsy spirit,

great old songs, and rich American history.

  • Fill Power: 625 Fill Power White Goose Down
  • 230 Thread Count 100% white cotton cambric


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