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          Cleaning your Down Comforter

OK, here's the scoop. You cannot use any detergents , they have enzymes that stick to your down and flatten it, as do fabric softeners and Woolite with their oils. You must use soap not detergent. We sell a Down Wash but you can also go to the store and buy the soap used to wash baby clothes, Baby Dreft, Ivory Snow.....

Never use an agitating washer as this will tear the thread around the box stitching and your down will shift and, well, we just can't be responsible for what you will want to do with it next! Use a large front loading washer, cold water, gentle cycle. Some of us go to the laundry as it has the nice big machines. Yipee!

Now, to dry it you will definately want to go the the laundry and use the biggest dryers at a very low setting. Resist the urge to use any kind of softener. I mean that now! It will take three hours to dry an average sized comforter. You will check it after an hour and think it is dry but deep down it isnt. Honest! And if you don't get it completely dry, well its not pretty. Toss in a pair of clean sneakers with socks on them, to hit against that wet down and fluff it up again. You will be so happy and snug in your nice fresh, clean comforter. Honest!

If you do not wish to go to the trouble yourself, you may send your comforter to Three Dog Down, 48841 US Hwy. 93, Polson, Mt. 59860, and we will have it cleaned for you. The cost of this is $50.00 and your postage and we are happy to help!


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